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Amin, of Tailored Travel, is passionate about travelling, and shares his thoughts about his travels. Here's a sample of blog posts about the destinations that Tailored Travel specialises in.



The waterways of Kerala

Houseboat on Vembanad Lake in Kerala

Vembanad Lake – a flat, glassy mirror, extending as far as the eye could see and merging seamlessly into the blue sky. That was the scene on the lake shore in Kerala before breakfast. It begged to be explored. Read more...


Kashmir: Heaven's garden

Darjeeling steam train engine

Kashmir – a name that resounds beauty and fear. Remarked as a garden from heaven by those who have seen its beauty. Politics have also brought the world’s attention to Kashmir, and kept most of the world out. But things are changing. Read more...

Delhi: Beyond the mayhem

Delhi - The white marble mihrab (prayer niche) at Iltutmish’s tomb

Leaving the airport, I began questioning why I wilfully chose to return to Delhi. Incessant honking, traffic and people everywhere… What was I thinking? I began searching for that allure that brought me back to Delhi. Read more...


Palaces & parks - Mysore & Bangalore

Mysore Palace

Bangalore and Mysore – a mere 160km between them and yet worlds apart. These were the first cities on my most recent trip to India as I returned to explore more of this incredible country. Both impressed me, but for very different reasons. Read more...


Kochi – gateway to Kerala


Kochi (or Cochin), was where my Keralan journey began. From centuries before, its coastline has seen the landings of traders and colonists from far afield. Like them, I too was lured by Kerala’s natural charm.Read more...


Kerala explored: Munnar


Streaks of light reached the bottom of the lush valley. The sun hid behind a veil of clouds, sinking closer to the horizon. We were in Munnar, far from the bustling India on the High Ranges of Kerala, where relaxation came naturally. Read more...


Kerala explored: Periyar

Lake Periyar

What surprised me most was the chorus of bird song that filled the valley. In a country with a population explosion like India has, you’d think that nature will be overshadowed. Yet, the forest was alive with the rhythmic calls. Read more...


Spice journey in Kerala

Cardamom plantation

I have an obsession with cardamom. The sweet aromatic flavours that burst from those little pods are heavenly and makes it the Queen of Spices. So when I visited Kerala recently, I looked forward to seeing just how this wonder spice is grown. Read more...


Darjeeling: Not just a cup of tea

Darjeeling steam train engine

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at Bagdogra airport in West Bengal was the different faces to the India I’d seen before. It’s diversity became all too apparent. Had my driver not spoken in Hindi, I would have been convinced I was in another country. Read more...





Reunion Island - Part 1

re bas thumb

Reunion is diverse in many ways. For a small island, it features a variety of scenic landscapes, mostly formed by aeons of volcanic activity. We hired a car and spent a week circumnavigating the island. Read more...


Reunion Island - Part 2

re stg thumb

We explored the varied coastline on Reunion Island. From the rugged north coast to the volcanic beaches on the east coast, down to the coral lagoons and sandy beaches elsewhere. Read more...


Reunion Island - Planning a trip

re cay thumb

Everything you need to know to help you plan for your trip to Reunion Island. From getting there and around to where to stay and what to eat and pack. Read more...